Getting New York Jumping

7 November 2018

As people’s lifestyles have become more sedentary, and the consumption of unhealthy, processed food has increased, rates of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, have increased significantly. NCDs are now responsible for two thirds of deaths worldwide and threaten the health of millions of adults and children.

Most NCDs can be prevented with regular physical activity and exercise, supported by a nutritionally balanced diet. To get the message out at the Third United Nations High-level Meeting on NCDs and encourage people to kick-start a new fitness regime, the Permanent Mission of Sweden, the Permanent Mission of Jamaica, UNICEF and other partners led participants in a healthy workout session called #Jump the Talk at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 26 September. While #Jump the Talk was the perfect way draw attention to the importance of exercise, there was also an outdoor market area showcasing ways that nutrition can prevent illness and lead to healthier more dynamic lifestyles.

In preparation, UNICEF worked with QUO to help promote the event. The design concept for the collateral needed to focus on young people and reflect the joy that exercise can bring.

The posters, leaflets and banners show active children having fun, combined with the zigzag of an electrocardiogram readout to remind people that exercise, which raises the heartbeat, is the best defence against heart disease, an increasing health issue in both developed and developing countries. The colour scheme incorporated yellow, evoking the flag of Sweden, the main sponsor of the event, alongside UNICEF’s cyan blue.

#Jump the Talk was a success, with suited officials joining the children and delegates on the lawn outside the United Nations Headquarters for some vigorous exercise. QUO was happy to help inspire everyone to #Jump the Talk and get hearts pumping to promote health and fitness, and prevent NCDs.