Brand tonality and social strategy

QUO has built over the years a strong relationship with the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL).

When India’s leading hospitality group was looking at re-defining its successful legacy brand, we were appointed to work on the definition of Taj Palaces and we helped the company truly uncover the soul of the brand. As part of our work with IHCL, QUO also developed a compelling tone of voice taking inspiration from the brand concept: “Reinventing Tradition” and an IHCL brand book covering its full brand portfolio.





Brand definition
Tone of voice
Brand book

When QUO completed three of the newest additions to IHCL’s branded house: TajSATS, Anuka and niu&nau, they entrusted us with their crown jewel and flagship brand, Taj Hotels. Our task was to clarify the tone of voice (TOV) for Taj Hotels, and drive this newly refurbished tone into the brand’s social media guidelines.

The process was one of our most complex TOV exercises to date. It began with a core TOV offering for the Taj Hotels brand. QUO then adapted this to its three other offerings—Taj Palaces, Taj Resorts and Taj Safaris—so each offering sounds in tune with the others while retaining its respective identity.

Finally, QUO distilled this TOV to a slightly less poetic, more corporate-sounding tone for the IHCL parent brand. It was with this newfound brand voice that we drafted the content for a glossy, new IHCL brand book.



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