Healthcare is on the cusp of change, but at its core remains the central tenet of trust.

The new care model is transitioning from analogue to digital, episodic to continuous, illness to wellness—QUO understands its implications on healthcare businesses and brands. From strategy to brand development, we create healthcare brands that inspire trust and drive value. Let us show you how to stay ahead of the curve.

Healthcare touches every human life
Source: Deloitte.  “The Rise of Global Healthcare Companies”

We understand the power of brands and the business of healthcare


“Consumers naturally gravitate to brands, because they trust them and no industry is more trust-driven than healthcare. Branding creates long term value measured in awareness, choice, pricing, loyalty and market value.”

Ruben Toral
Director of Healthcare + Wellness  

quo director of healthcare + wellness ruben toral

Ruben Toral
Director of Healthcare + Wellness  


QUO specialises in transformational branding solutions that define and differentiate.

We work in partnership with our clients to create, elevate, internationalise and rationalise their brands. Our approach combines industry knowledge, strategic thinking and creative flair into fully developed brands defined by passion and purpose.

Can you recommend a doctor? This simple question speaks volumes about today’s healthcare model. For consumers, it starts a journey that may lead to a friend, a family member or a Google search. For providers, it can be the start of a relationship that saves a life or lasts a lifetime. QUO has doctor branding solutions that build trust, create differentiation and drive engagement.

Hospitals worldwide invest significant time, effort and resources to develop centres of excellence, but often overlook the importance of branding these centres. We view centres of excellence as key drivers of business and brand reputation. QUO offers solutions to help hospitals elevate their brands and drive business performance.

What is the future of wellness? We see hybrid models that combine wellness and hospitality with smart branding solutions that inspire guests to adopt healthier lifestyles as the way forward. Let us show you.

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