Protecting our Children’s Futures

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October 8, 2019
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The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is centred on the health and wellbeing of children around the world. Their campaigns, programmes and field work operate on a global scale, and QUO is proud to have had a strong and constant relationship with them over the last 20 years; bringing to life some of their most challenging and pioneering projects.

Infographics Masterclass

Infographics (information-graphics) are visual elements that express oftentimes complicated information in an effective and easily digestible manner. This creative area of communication has exploded in popularity among organisations and governments for its ability to convey information to people at a glance.

QUO has an extensive portfolio of infographic design and application, and was honoured to be invited by UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) to conduct a series of infographic training classes with their staff. The classes were aimed at teaching how to identify key information that could be turned into visual imagery and how to present this information in the most effective way, building the capacity for UNICEF staff to be able to develop and disseminate key information quickly in-house.

Jumping the Talk, Walking the Walk

As lifestyles have become more sedentary, and the consumption of unhealthy food has increased, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) threaten the health of millions of adults and children. To encourage people to kick-start a fitness regime, the Permanent Mission of Sweden and Jamaica, UNICEF, and other partners led a healthy workout session called #jumpthetalk at the Third United Nations High-level Meeting on NCDs at United Nations Headquarters.

UNICEF worked with QUO to promote the event. The posters, leaflets and banners show children in action, combined with the zigzag of an electrocardiogram readout to remind people that exercise is the best defence against heart disease. #jumpthetalk succeeded in having a multitude of suited officials joining the children and delegates exercising out on the lawn.

Handwashing Heroes

Despite the availability of simple and effective treatments, diarrhoea remains a leading killer of children, accounting for 9% of all deaths among children under age 5 worldwide in 2015. These deaths persist often due to a poor sanitation and hygienic practices. To combat this, the UNICEF Pacific office approached QUO to develop a campaign for the Solomon Islands to tackle this issue.

QUO conceptualised the key messages and developed a set of stories that resonate with children, with illustrations designed to be engaging and relevant to the Solomon Islands context. The books tell the story of two handwashing heroes, Soap and Water, following a cast of human characters through country-specific situations to promote the campaign’s chosen message, “Stay Healthy”.

Tackling Inequities in Children’s Health Outcomes

Since 1990, remarkable gains have been made in improving outcomes for children and women. The number of children dying before the age of five years old has almost halved, and similar progress has been made in reducing maternal mortality. However, inequities remain both among and within countries.

To tackle these persisting issues, UNICEF New York Headquarters worked with QUO to create two reports. One on UNICEF’s new health strategy through 2030, and the other on UNICEF’s Health Systems Strengthening Approach. QUO utilised a distinct colour scheme and selection of photos to clearly define each topic. A short synopsis was written and designed to accompany each report, distilling the main findings from the reports into six-page folding brochures.

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