The Nautilus

A new take on Maldives luxury

The Nautilus was looking to create a stand-out brand for their intimate, untouched island in Baa Atoll in the Maldives. QUO was tasked to form an identity for the resort that offers something truly of elusive and undisputed value to people who ‘have it all’.

A great brand recognition was the announcement of The Nautilus being officially selected among the esteemed editors’ favourite hotels to earn a coveted spot within Condé Nast Traveller’s ‘The Gold List’ 2021.

Time is the one thing money can’t buy. But on a private island in the Maldives, why even have time at all? This was central to the brand positioning created by QUO, as we completely stripped the concept of time away from The Nautilus experience to create an immensely private resort where a whimsically bohemian attitude lets guests do whatever they want, when they want.


Brand strategy and culture
Logo and visual identity
Tone of voice
Guest experience
Brand video


Having come to us with a name already, the client needed a visual identity that flew in the face of expectation. While the resort hardware itself would have echoes of the nautilus shape, the designers and strategists at QUO didn’t think it would position the brand correctly to utilise the shell shape overtly through its corporate identity.

Instead, we crafted a logo that would breathe bohemian sophistication into The Nautilus and its collaterals, one that would resonate both with its luxurious side and with its more free-wheeling spirit of liberation. QUO was also tasked to design a whole range of giveaways, reflecting the bohemian sophistication and poetic identity of the resort.

The Nautilus is a haven of refined island living. It offers guests the indulgence of a luxury lifestyle without the weight of social constraints or the need to keep up appearances. In short, it offers freedom. To launch this singular property, QUO went on location to the Maldives to shoot a video about the luxury of time. The footage was also used to create a series of short videos currently being showcased on The Nautilus’s social media and website.



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