A radical rebrand for a digital future

Beonprice (new BEONx) had an ambitious goal. It wanted to disrupt the business of hospitality with a bold vision of total profitability. By taking a holistic view of the guest experience and applying innovative new technologies to integrate revenue streams, founders Emilio and Ruben sought to shift the industry from the traditional ‘rooms for sale’ mindset to a multi-dimensional experience ecosystem.

A radical vision called for a radical reimagination of the Beonprice brand. QUO jumped at the opportunity to work with an innovator in our industry, joining the Beonprice team in Madrid for two days of workshops, where we immersed ourselves in the world of hotel technology, debated brand architecture models, worked through positioning maps, ran personality exercises and more.


Brand Strategy
Naming and tagline
Logo and visual identity
Key messages
Tone of voice
Brand audio
Brand video

The output was a highly collaborative, deeply considered brand strategy, creating a clear roadmap for the future and—most importantly—repositioning Beonprice to BEONx. The replacement of ‘price’ with ‘X’ articulated the group’s desire to move away from the simplicities of a revenue driven model to one that unlocks exponential, sustainable growth for hotels. It also communicated their commitment to the future, which was further articulated in the brand culture we crafted, helping to root BEONx in a new mindset of transformation, imagination, responsibility and intelligence.

With a new name and a clearly defined culture, QUO sought to bring BEONx to life with a dynamic brand identity. With its bold X, vibrant colour palette and dynamic graphic elements, the final logo was a true visualisation of a brand ready to lead the change. This identity was then expanded into an engaging tone of voice, compelling video and a striking, yet intuitively imagined website. The transformation was complete. BEONx was born. 

“From the very beginning, we had a vision of creating a brand that truly reflected and projected our values, aspirations, and unique offerings. The QUO team not only understood our goals but also went above and beyond in bringing our vision to life. The dedication, creativity, expertise and patience displayed throughout the entire process have been truly remarkable.” – Alex Barros, CMO, BEONx 



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