Looking Towards 2030: Fast-Tracking the SDGs—Driving Asia-Pacific Transformations

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The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals are ambitious, and achieving some or all of these goals will be a challenge for many countries in the Asia-Pacific region. With COVID-19, these goals may be set back even further than before.

The Asia-Pacific SDG Partnership report (UNESCAP, ADB and UNDP), Fast-tracking the SDGs: Driving Asia-Pacific Transformations evaluates a set of six “transformative entry points” that can help countries progress toward various SDG goals, analysing the timeframe from where they are now and forecasting to 2030.

The report uses four categories to determine the pace of progress of countries in the region, classifying them as aspirants, fast-risers, sprinters and last-milers for each of the entry points for achieving the SDGs. The publication also includes case studies, or “deep dives” of countries that have had success in moving forward in specific target areas of the SDGs.

QUO worked on the design and layout of the report to present the content clearly, supported by graphics, icons and photographs representing various aspects of the analysis.



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