QUO Publishes ‘Hybrid Spaces’ White Paper

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“The role of a place—any place—has changed. Because we’ve changed.”

QUO has published a special report on the emergence of hybrid spaces and their effect on the hospitality industry.

Entitled “It Came from Hybrid Space!”, the 20-page white paper points to consumers’ increasingly hybrid lifestyles, which are conducted virtually as often as in real life. Spaces, whether physical or virtual, must adjust to this new hybrid landscape.

“What if this is not a blip?” the authors ask. They proceed to suggest that thinking in terms of a ‘new normal’ may be unproductive, as it fails to account for the dynamic nature of changes currently underway. Instead, readers are encouraged to keep an open mind even after the dust settles in a post-pandemic world.

The paper identifies three drivers of the evolution of space: culture, connection and community. Each of these is illuminated by relevant, real-world examples and analysis. Rather than making predictions about what travel will look like in 2022, it focuses on how brands can adapt, re-emerge and position themselves to benefit from the hybridisation of space.

“Hybrid spaces are a catalyst of irreversible transformation,” claims QUO found and CEO David Keen. “Whether in hospitality, retail or office space, the younger generations are demanding diversity and a choice of where and how they work, travel and gather.”

QUO’s white paper was produced in partnership with Hospitality Net, a top-ranked B2B portal for hospitality leaders and experts; and with Bench, a global provider of immersive virtual events. This triad of expertise brings vital insight to a critical challenge unfolding in real time across the industry.

The publication of the paper marks the beginning of a new content series by QUO. It is accompanied by a limited podcast series, called Hybrid Lives, in which CEO David Keen interviews key hybrid space-makers and industry stakeholders from around the world. QUO Chief Branding Officer Catherine Monthienvichienchai will also pen a thought piece for Hospitality Net in the coming weeks.

The white paper can be downloaded for free from the QUO website. Downloaders may also opt to be notified when podcast episodes and new content in the series are released.

Free download: www.quo-global.com/hybrid-spaces

Enquiries: info@quo-global.com


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