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Though we’re mainly grounded for the moment, travel remains on our radar through clever communication from industry leaders. Visit this page for new and inspiring video marketing messages from global travel brands.

Our Digital and Content teams have been encouraged and uplifted by the increasing number of exceptional, optimistic and heartfelt videos being released by the major travel brands and the world’s best destinations. Featuring themes of support, future travel dreams, and a drop of humour here and there, our industry is showing its best face in trying times.

Scroll down for some heartrending audio-visual engagement – and if you get inspired – our entire team is at your command to create your own on-brand message, crafted in a way that’s perfect for this moment in time.

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To learn more about how QUO can help during this challenging period, send us an email, but we also want to hear from you. How has your organisation adapted their digital strategy during the COVID-19 crisis? Get in touch to let us know, and we’ll share those insights here with your colleagues across the digital marketing world.

We will update this page regularly with video and other inspiration media, as this situation actively unfolds. Check back regularly to see the latest developments.

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