28 July 2016

UNICEF - Whole of Syria

Syria’s civil war is the worst ongoing humanitarian crisis of our time. Escalating into a multi-sided armed conflict in 2011, Syrian citizens struggle to lead normal lives, while the future of the country and its people remains uncertain. Many actors have stepped forward to provide aid to those affected by the conflict, however a lack of coordination and communication between these various groups has meant that attempts often fail to have a lasting effect.

To work towards a sustainable and coordinated approach to the crisis, the Whole of Syria (WoS), a humanitarian response initiative, was established. By creating this network, WoS provides a forum for relief efforts to effectively target multiple sectors of concern (such as health, logistics, food security) through Focal Points led by expert organisations in each sector.

UNICEF and Save the Children were selected to serve as the Co-Focal Points for WoS Education, guided by an understanding that strategic investments in the education of Syrian children affected by the crisis is necessary to preserve the future of the country. QUO was approached by the UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office to create the WoS Education Focal Point website. QUO developed an easily navigable website that provides access to an abundance of resources and up-to-date information on the crisis response efforts for education.

The Resources section provides downloads from a wide a range of materials, including reports, strategy papers, guidelines, tools, maps, regional response plans and a self-learning programme for Syrian children Grades 1 to 9.  The News and Events section has press coverage; case studies, including videos; and reports on the education of Syrian children inside of and outside of the country. The site has both English and Arabic language options.

The Whole of Syria Education Focal Point website can be accessed at http://wos-education.org/.

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