The Nautilus Brand Video

17 July 2018

How do you achieve brand distinction in a market as competitive as the Maldives? First, create a brand that stands apart from the competition. Next, make sure that brand comes to life in every piece of collateral and marketing you create. 

For The Nautilus, that entailed a next-level brand video. While millennial brands can do perfectly well with stock footage and text on screen, like the Jaz in the City video, singular ultra-high-end-luxury resorts require glossy, custom-shot mini-films that whisk you away to another world. 

QUO's brand video for The Nautilus manages to combine positioning, brand culture, visual identity, tone of voice, guest experience and product all into a dreamy 120 seconds.  

To just watch the video click here. To read our process, head over to the QUO blog