Exploring Saigon’s Alleys at The Myst Hotels

6 March 2017

The Myst Dong Khoi

To discover the authentic culture of Saigon, take a few steps away from the busy main roads and enter the welcoming back alleys of the city. Here, you’ll be met with a relative calmness and at the same time an abundance of activity and colour. It’s these alleys that have inspired much of the brand culture for The Myst Hotels, a premium boutique hotel concept that has just opened its first hotel on the famous Dong Khoi Road in Saigon and combines Vietnamese traditions, superior comfort and singular design.


The Myst Dong Khoi Architecture


QUO was tasked with forming a brand that was well positioned for expansion throughout Vietnam and infused with local personality and intriguing stories. The Myst expresses an authentically different Saigon experience that is both sophisticated and welcoming, appealing to individuals with a strong sense of style and appreciative of dedicated service and local arts and culture. Bringing this all to life for the guests, QUO conceptualised a series of brand signatures that run throughout the guest journey and fill The Myst with individual and highly memorable guest experiences.



Expressing the alluring mystery of the brand, a section of the letter ‘Y’ in the hotel’s logo has been hidden. This special focus on the ‘Y’ is a response to its representation as a fork in the path, similar to those found in many of Saigon’s alleys. A signature brand pattern inspired by the shape of a traditional Vietnamese roof was also developed for use as a versatile design element in both print and digital applications.


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The Myst Logo


To further solidify the unique identity of The Myst and set it apart from other hotel brands through its use of language, QUO crafted a signature Tone of Voice, detailing the phrasing, vocabulary and linguistic techniques that allow the hotel to express the soul and charm of the city as well as feel warm and inviting to guests.


The hotel’s website (www.themystdongkhoihotel.com) combines all aspects of the The Myst’s brand culture and identity and communicates that to the world. The website proudly expresses the ‘Soul of Saigon’ and employs prominent, bold imagery to clearly present the stunning design of the hotel and vibrant culture found in Saigon’s alleys.