16 October 2017

The new issue of Status QUO is now available! In this issue, we look at some small disruptors who are taking on the giants of the hospitality industry. Is agility or size more important in the new economies of sharing and experience? QUO CEO David Keen reflects on how this democratising revolution may cause some of the big, traditional hotel brands to meet the same fate as the dinosaurs.

QUO’s new Content Director Bek van Vliet teams up with QUO Brand Strategist Dane Halpin to analyse Sri Lanka’s rapidly growing hotel industry, which is seeing an influx of global hotel brand giants now the three-decade civil war is over. Young, local hoteliers are challenging these big brands with native knowledge and fearlessly innovative ideas.

Also in this issue:

  • Indie or big-name brand? The pros and cons for hotel management
  • Airbnb’s local experiences – amateur trips challenge professional tours
  • How smart website design can boost visitors and direct bookings
  • Why taglines may be a relic of a bygone marketing era
  • Why video is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy
  • Is humanity being automated out of hospitality?

Download the full issue here:

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