Phuket’s Indigo Pearl Becomes The Slate

24 February 2017

The Slate Phuket

Phuket’s iconic Indigo Pearl resort came to QUO with the challenge of reinventing its brand and to transform it into what is now known as The Slate – repositioning the resort to appeal to higher-end markets and generate greater revenues.


Following a brand audit, workshop and market research, QUO created the new brand culture for The Slate, a brand with an original vision, that pushes boundaries and is proudly Phuket. The new brand is targeted to appeal to sophisticated, well-travelled guests who are adventurous, looking to engage their curiosity and experience something out of the ordinary.


The Slate Phuket Pearl Resort Logo


The raw, industrial-chic aspects of the property’s design and the local history inspired the new name. Employing imaginative contrasts, surprising elements and a hint of otherworldly grandeur, a Tone of Voice was crafted by QUO that provides The Slate a unique linguistic style with which to express itself to guests. A comprehensive visual identity includes a new logo that makes use of a slate grey colour and angular typeface in reference to the industrial mining background of Phuket. Blue accents highlight the turquoise sky and sea that characterise the island.


 The Slate Concept Advertising


Providing The Slate with everything it needs to promote its new identity, QUO created numerous marketing collaterals, including print advertising templates and brochures. A range of operational items, from do-not-disturb signs to keycards and branded umbrellas, were also designed by QUO. An atmospheric brand video transports viewers into a world where art converges with nature.