QUO’s Global Growth Continues with New European Office

8 March 2016

QUO proudly announces the official opening of its newest centre of branding excellence. The launch of QUO’s Amsterdam office marks an important milestone in the company’s growth, allowing the integrated agency to offer more robust support to a quickly expanding client base across the continent.

“QUO in Asia has pushed boundaries, broken rules and built innovative brands that have helped to dismantle the legacy of traditional hospitality,” said CEO David Keen. “We question the norms of past decades and challenge our clients to create brands which resonate with today’s customers. We are going to bring that same rebellious attitude to Europe, where much of the hospitality world is staid and dated. The branding landscape will never be the same again”.

From its Amsterdam office, QUO will offer the huge suite of branding services that have made it a leading global agency for the travel and hospitality industries, including brand strategy, consumer experience, visual identity, tone of voice, videos and much more.

The new office – situated in the Hoofddorp neighbourhood, near Amsterdam's Schiphol airport – is located in the same office as Performance Solutions, expert experience engineers. The proximity of the two agencies will allow the two teams to collaborate on building brands that people love and then communicating them to the world.

European travel and hospitality firms wishing to explore how QUO can bring their brand to life can contact QUO Account Director Agnès Maignien at info.amsterdam@quo-global.com.