4 October 2017


QUIQ is QUO’s new online Content Management System (CMS), a website publishing platform built on PHP and MySQL. If you didn’t understand – or were intimidated by – the acronyms at the end of the previous sentence then QUIQ may be of interest. One of the main reasons QUIQ was developed was to eliminate the need for clients’ website administrators and content teams to understand computer coding.

Website content – text, images, video and page structure – is all controlled through the easy-to-use QUIQ interface, meaning less time spent struggling with backend administration and more time spent updating and polishing public-facing content. QUIQ allows site administrators to easily add new content, manage existing content and organise content by controlling the order of navigation menus and what is displayed in them.

QUIQ users can create and manage the template structure for each individual page, such as the homepage and the contact page, as well as the content displayed on each page. QUO Head of Digital, Benjawan ‘Bee’ Intrasuwan, says that there are some very useful features in QUIQ, “such as flexible templates and the ability to preview a page before publishing. It is also SEO friendly, and just creating websites and pages on QUIQ will be beneficial for Google position ranking.”

QUIQ will be the content management system used for all websites that QUO develops, and like most software, it can be refined in response to user feedback. “We always aim to improve the user journey for QUO’s websites, both backend and frontend, and we will be listening to what clients say to us when they use QUIQ,” says Bee.

“We have been developing a new website for Thammasat University and we recently trained the Thammasat IT team to use QUIQ. They said it was very flexible and easy to use but also gave us feedback for future improvements which we will be implementing. We want QUIQ to manage website content as quickly and easily as possible so our clients can focus on messaging rather than administration.”