A playful lifestyle concept for Vietnam

Vanguard Hotels approached QUO to help create a hotel brand that would redefine hospitality in the Indochina region.

With a revolutionist mindset, our strategy team set about forming a brand that would build bridges between old traditions and modern trends by identifying the unique character of Vietnam—and how it is transforming.

Wink Hotels caters to the needs of Indochine 2.0 travellers by tapping into contemporary desires and expectations. The brand promises an eclectic cocktail of modernity, innovation and efficiency, all underpinned by traditional Vietnamese values.

It reflects a change in society in Vietnam and in Indochina—change that is happening as fast as a wink. The brand is fun, entrepreneurial and dynamic. It’s also a little bit irreverent. But above all, it’s a catalyst for change—a tipping point for hospitality in the Indochina region.


Brand strategy and culture
Brand amplification
Naming and tagline
Logo and visual identity
Tone of voice
Social media campaign

Wink speaks to its core by representing the power and tenacity of the Vietnamese identity, by catering to their fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyles and immersing them in the cultural depths of the destination. One way the brand accomplishes this is by providing guests with a literal taste of the locale. Wink’s exciting new food concept sees vendor-style carts delivering the best local street food to the shophouse-inspired multi-use space on the ground floor.

To showcase exactly who Wink’s target audience aspires to become, QUO created a brand video based around the Indochine 2.0 concept. It highlights the brand’s bold personality and references the hip shophouses and vibrant, fast-paced atmosphere of Saigon’s street culture.

In a calculated multi-level strategy, QUO helped Wink arrange a photography competition on their social media platforms, asking their audience what Indochine 2.0 means to them. Wink received nearly 300 photo entries from people across the region, with both professionals and amateurs joining in and sharing their photos. Wink’s following almost doubled in the process. The competition brought fresh eyes to Wink’s social media platforms, but it also gifted the brand with an archive of stunning user-generated photos that communicate the Indochine 2.0 aesthetic.



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