The Myst

Bringing Saigon’s culture to the fore

Vietnamese hotel company Silverland Hotels & Spas had some ‘soul searching’ to do. With seven sleek mid-range properties around Saigon, they thought it was time to launch something different. With a premium boutique concept in mind, they wanted a brand that would capture the essence of Saigon and pay tribute to its charming alleys and shophouses with strong design elements that connected travellers to the locale.

Silverland’s desire to tell an authentic Saigon story presented a refreshing challenge for QUO.

Receptive to more fearless and progressive brand traits, they were open to creating a truly ‘Vietnamese’ brand with an exclusive yet more inclusive vibe to visitors. Free from the constraints of conservatism, we cultivated The Myst’s persona as a peaceful respite amidst the bustle of Saigon.


Brand strategy and culture
Guest experience
Logo and visual identity
Tone of voice

To visually express The Myst’s brand essence as a ‘refreshingly unique expression of Saigon culture’, QUO created a minimalist yet distinctive letterform-only logo. Emphasising the mystery and the promise of discovery, the Y is stylized to omit its right arm, piquing curiosity for the product. The letter Y also represents a fork in the road, reminiscent of the nostalgic old alleyways of Saigon. Using a sans serif font for The Myst and a serif font for its descriptor—Dong Khoi—we created a contrast between old and new, just like The Myst itself.

To further solidify the unique identity of The Myst and set it apart from other hotel brands through its use of language, QUO crafted a signature Tone of Voice, detailing the phrasing, vocabulary and linguistic techniques that allow the hotel to express the soul and charm of the city as well as feel warm and inviting to guests. The resultant voice sports a melodic tone with a hint of poetry to set a gently intriguing scene.

To share The Myst’s story with the world (and encourage direct bookings), we created a website that would act as an online storyteller. 

This visually delightful and descriptive site shares pertinent need-to-know details while alluding to the gems of the property and locale awaiting guests’ discovery. 



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