Brand evolution where tradition meets modernity

Steigenberger was already a well-respected and successful brand in the German-speaking DACH region. The goal was to create a more compelling positioning for this classic brand as it moves into new segments and territories.

The new brand essence, ‘Storied traditions curating contemporary culture’, balances Steigenberger’s rich heritage with its commitment to anticipating the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—modern traveller.

QUO’s design team put its imagination to work, evolving the Steigenberger identity to reflect the brand’s repositioning. The resulting logo employs a new serif font that’s elegant and modern, but still maintains its classic feel. A new colour palette was also developed, as ‘Gastfreundschaft’ (German for ‘hospitality’) is not a black-and-white affair. Dark brown was selected as the primary colour for its subtle distinction.


Brand strategy and culture
Logo and visual identity
Tone of voice
Photography guidelines
Collaterals and advertising

Along with the new logo, QUO also designed a full suite of collaterals for the brand, including collectable sets of luggage tags. We drew up advertising guidelines for photo usage, including portraits product shots. And because the new brand would use more than words to communicate. A fresh new set of photography guidelines was created, beginning with prescriptions for portraits that would showcase the warmth and passion of the Steigenberger staff.

Steigenberger also needed a new voice to match its new look. QUO’s content team created a calm, authoritative and warm tone of voice for the rekindled brand. It’s fully rooted in the present moment, mindful of Steigenberger’s origins and inspired by its future potential. These appear on luggage tags, key cards and other collectable collateral, enriching the guest journey.

QUO also created a brand book to introduce the new brand staff and stakeholders, as well as a consumer-facing magazine that would broadcast the relaunch to the world.



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