Sculpting a New Kind of Salon Concept

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September 19, 2019
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We’re no strangers to transformations. Upgraded identities, snappy new names and all the frills that go with—at QUO, we’ve helped some of hospitality’s biggest names hone their look. So when serial collaborators Taj Hotels dreamed of a modern salon concept to go with their luxury properties, they came to QUO.


The Salon, Reimagined

QUO’s strategy team dug deep for insights into the salon industry, within India and globally. Their research yielded some interesting insights, namely that India’s beauty industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, Indian men aged 25–45 spend more on grooming products than females the same age group, and this spending is expected to grow at a significantly faster pace than female spending.

With this in mind, a unisex offering was developed under the umbrella concept of a ‘salon reimagined’. A complete range of services for men as well as women sets this new brand apart, as many regular salons view men’s services as an afterthought. Taking it a step further, niu&nau’s fresh salon experience came to life in partnership with Truefitt & Hill, a name synonymous with luxury grooming products for men.

From here the ‘salon reimagined’ concept flourished—this salon isn’t simply somewhere to get a haircut or a makeover, it’s a salon with a distinctive social element. Through signature events, programmes and workshops, it attracts a clientele that wants something more from its salon experience—a place to meet and mingle, to see and be seen, and to always, always look fabulous!


A New Look

A sharp new look was a must to make this health and beauty hangout stand out from the crowd. niu&nau is not your average salon, and QUO rose to the task of crafting a polished visual identity to convey this in an eye-catching way.

As niu&nau is a casual and relaxed place, our design team customised a logo using a curved letterform combined with a lower-case treatment to make the logo approachable and friendly. The tails of each letter create a sense of continuity and harmony which speaks to niu&nau’s sense of community. As this logo uses the one-line approach, a darker colour is used to highlight ‘niu’ and ‘nau’, while a lighter colour is used to differentiate between the two words.


Now We’re Talking

Razor sharp wit? Of course. Copy that’s a cut above? You bet. The niu&nau tone of voice is light and young-at-heart. Speaking niu&nau evokes visions of a casual conversation with an old pal. An energising chat full of expression and creativity—filled with that feeling of ‘yeah, we get each other’.

When crafting niu&nau’s voice, we also threw in some head-turning writing techniques that ought to clash but somehow don’t—thought-provoking prose, goofy puns and a direct, honest way of speaking.


Stylish Extras

No look is complete without the right accessories. QUO developed a full suite of applications and collateral for the new brand—a full advertising campaign for a glittering launch, salon menus, an EDM template, stylish uniforms and lots of other head-turning stuff. Check them out below.

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