Crafting a Tale of Curious Wonders

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July 12, 2022
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When QUO received the opportunity to create a new brand that would become part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, our team embarked on a journey to bring La Festa Phu Quoc to life.

Building from the foundation, here’s how we crafted the brand essence, naming strategy, brand and visual identity that form the experience at this novel property.

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La Festa: A Tale of an Artist

Since its conception in 2018, Sun Hospitality Group (SHG) has been at the forefront of luxury in Vietnam’s dynamic hospitality landscape. In 2023 the group will open a new resort under Curio Collection by Hilton—the brand’s inaugural property in Vietnam. The 197-key resort is set in a vibrant coastal destination, Sun Premier Village Primavera, featuring distinctive Mediterranean-inspired architecture and an array of restaurants, bars and iconic landmarks.

Working closely with our clients, the QUO strategy team led a workshop to determine La Festa’s brand culture and essence. The process began with a story genesis—a fictional tale that will serve as a foundation for the brand concept and the hotel’s naming. 

For La Festa, the journey started with the tale of an artist from Phu Quoc whose vocation takes him on a seafaring adventure, and ultimately into the arms of love. After returning home with his partner, the two create a whimsical place of hospitality inspired by their travels. Our strategy and editorial teams built on this narrative, and La Festa was born.


Bringing the World to Phu Quoc

Drawing from the property’s Mediterranean-inspired design, QUO explored names that suggest a sense of la dolce vita. The result is a lively name reminiscent of festivities and celebrations with loved ones by the Amalfi coast—La Festa. La Festa literally means ‘holiday’ or ‘festival’ in Italian. It is memorable and easy-to-pronounce word that encapsulates the simple pleasures of Phu Quoc. The name evokes a sense of vibrancy, as well as wondrous joy and celebration of love and kinship experienced by the fictive couple. Not to mention, ‘La’ also adds a distinct Italian flair to the name.

Celebrating Love and Kinship  

QUO’s creative team then stepped in to design and develop the logo by drawing inspiration from the stacked buildings that have become the epitome of Amalfi Coast ingenuity. The final logo reflects this architectural distinction and adds a subtle layer of meaning through the connected letters ‘a‘ and ‘t‘—symbolising bonds of friendship and celebrating love among people and cultures. For the logo and brand colour, turquoise blue takes centre stage as a shade that awakens emotions associated with joy and festivity.


A Cinematic Dream

“Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth.” – Picasso

La Festa’s tone of voice captures the intensity and romance of the couple falling in love with one another and the Mediterranean world. Creating this sentiment in Phu Quoc, QUO created a tone of voice based on the core concept of ‘Imagine the Wonder’.

The voice traits we designed are ‘festive, familiar and cinematic’ to capture the experience of a distant adventure that touches their hearts—now brought home so guests can experience them in the same way. It does not attempt to recreate or replicate, nor does it pretend to be what it is not. Thus, it is a cinematic dream of the Mediterranean informed by memory and retold through this festive sharing of the imagination.

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Bringing Phu Quoc to the World

In addition to conceptualising the brand culture and establishing La Festa’s visual identity, QUO also created marketing collateral and other resources for La Festa. These include designs for the hotel’s PowerPoint presentations, stationery, brand brochure, factsheet and more. 

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