Evolution and Equality

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October 9, 2019
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The International Labour Organization (ILO) and QUO have worked closely together to bring many important topics to the attention of governments, employer and employee organizations, and civil society and non-governmental organizations. This includes early work on ILO projects in Cambodia, visual identity and video work the Asian Decent Work Decade, and, more recently, the ILO exhibition for the Asia Regional meeting.

Automation in ASEAN

In 2016, QUO worked with ILO on a series of reports seeking to answer the question: Will machines cause mass unemployment in ASEAN? This series, collectively entitled ASEAN in Transformation, incorporated findings from 6,800+ surveys, 330+ interviews, 13 company site visits and six expert consultations to identify which ASEAN occupations and sectors are at the highest and lowest risks of automation, and to address the challenges and opportunities facing five prominent sectors.

Helping to coordinate the project’s rigour and breadth, QUO took on design and editorial responsibilities to establish a unique visual identity and to clearly communicate a sense of urgency to non-specialised readers. In addition to the full report, QUO developed a series of relevant infographics and a high-impact presentation for use in workshops, symposiums and conferences.

Women in Management

Evidence shows that gender diversity at decision-making levels of business improves organizational performance and increases profitability. Yet as the level of management increases, the share of women’s employment decreases. Why is it that women are not reaching top-level positions despite their proven ability and effectiveness?

QUO and ILO worked together to create a clear and simple executive summary, an infographic diagram, and an informative and punchy animated video for social media that presents the situation and the issues women are facing that prevent them from reaching their potential. The video makes use of dynamic and colourful animation, keeping it engaging and approachable while discussing this complex topic.

Fragile Zones and the Private Sector

During times of war and natural disasters, how can actors minimise destruction, maintain normalcy and restore economies? To answer this question, ILO commissioned several studies on ‘fragile zones’, examining the role of employers and business membership organisations in peacekeeping and recovery projects, focusing on numerous countries across Southeast Asia.

QUO was commissioned to prepare a master report and three standalone reports on Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Myanmar. The reports convey the ILO’s key messages, which emphasise peace, resilience and healing. Blueprint visuals were used to convey an ethos of progress and construction, and silhouettes of humans from all walks of life were used to highlight the imperative of peaceful cooperation for all.

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