Hybridised space for a summer holiday experience

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October 29, 2021
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Since its founding in 2014, My Property Host (MPH) has built a prominent position in the UK’s hospitality sector, offering end-to-end solutions for short-term rentals.

In 2020 MPH soft-launched ‘Relax’, a new accommodation solution that utilizes vacant student accommodation during the July to September summer holiday period. Following initial success and the prospect of a boom in domestic travel for the 2021 summer season (due to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions), MPH decided it was time to re-launch the brand with a stronger concept and identity.

QUO worked with MPH to identify the strategic opportunity defining a brand that stands for a fun, engaging summer experience. Zeni was born.


Brand Culture
Brand Naming
Logo Design
Tone of Voice
Website Development
Video Production


Capturing the Summer Spirit

As a seasonal brand, Zeni’s positioning and identity needed to be closely associated with the joys of summer.

QUO’s strategy team developed a unique concept of a fun summer-only brand, tapping into the emotions of the holiday period and what it means. Underpinned by the values of the conscious traveller, Zeni promises to welcome guests to its vibrant community with open arms, with a focus on nurturing meaningful human interactions.


Named for ‘Zeus Xenios’

MPH brought their concept to QUO as a yet-to-be-named Brand X. QUO’s content team undertook several rounds of naming, exploring words and concepts related to travel, hospitality traditions and summer vibes. Everything from Chaucer’s tales to Bedouin welcoming rituals were on the table.

The name Zeni draws inspiration from the Greek god of hospitality Zeus Xenios—as he’s called in some stories—invoking his role as a protector of travellers. It was once believed that Zeus sometimes masqueraded as an out-of-town traveller, so welcoming road-weary strangers into your house was tantamount to welcoming Zeus, himself.

Zeni is a shortened, sounds-like tribute to that welcoming spirit.


Picture Summer. Unlocked.

Our creative team developed a logo that connects strongly to the meaning behind ‘Zeni’ and represents opening doors to a new community through the use of the letter ‘i’, which is stylised to resemble a keyhole. A pastel colour palette invokes a sense of springtime turning into summer.

The result: a cheerful, accessible logo that conjures summer vibes, unlocked potential and a perpetual sense of welcome and togetherness.


“Book a Room While It’s Hot. Literally.”

With its cultural foundation in place, and a name to boot, it was time for Zeni to find its voice. The content team developed that reflects a summertime attitude with positive vibes and a pinch of humour. It adapts to each location where Zeni operates with a touch of local vernacular.

Punchy, upbeat and fun-loving. It’s the Zeni way.


Digitising Summer Vibes

Once the brand’s distinctive visual identity and tone of voice were clearly defined, it was time to build the Zeni website. This one-stop digital portal introduces the brand to consumers and presents MPH’s room inventory on a freshly branded platform. Users can explore the cities where Zeni operates, view room availability and complete their booking through the site.

Visit the Zeni website here.

QUO’s creative team produced a range of applications for Zeni. These were tailored to the client’s specific marketing plan and included social media templates, PowerPoint templates, an investor presentation, branded facemasks, key cards and stationery.


Unlock the Summer

In line with the concept developed, QUO also created a social media video—featuring fast cuts and energetic music—to engage Zeni’s target audience in on-brand, summertime activities.

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