An Immersive Dining Concept for an Iconic Taj Hotel in London

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July 14, 2022
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Working with IHCL, QUO was tasked with developing a restaurant playbook for a new F&B concept at St James’s Court—a Taj hotel in London. The name of the restaurant, TH@51, is a consolidation of the existing Treehouse restaurant in Taj Dubai and the current London address. 

TH@51 front


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TH@51: A New Gem by St James’s

Echoing the city’s vibrant and dynamic dining scene, we imagined TH@51 as an all-day brasserie where food lovers embark on sensorial culinary journeys in stylishly comfortable surroundings. These elements are at the core of the restaurant’s food and beverage philosophy, from global flavours with a touch of showmanship and respect for seasonality and locality to meals made for sharing.

Aiming to resonate with a community of diners with a well-travelled palate, the restaurant needed to tap into the ideas, stories and origins behind the dishes served. TH@51’s concept, ‘A World Of Flavours’, was thus brought to life through engaging and immersive experiences—signature storytelling menus, trolley series and artful tableware—to excite the senses.  


Poetry Grows in Our Courtyard

TH@51 caters to the needs of discerning foodies and socialisers by serving inventive dishes in a casual yet sophisticated setting. Inspired by the courtyard and garden at this charming Taj property, we created ‘Urban Botanica’, a design concept that complements the hotel’s Victorian charm and architecture.


🎵 Are you going to TH@51? Tarragon, Magnolia and Thyme 

Defining the visual elements of TH@51, our design team created a logo and a brand identity manual with specifications to ensure consistency across applications. In addition, we designed a series of graphic elements to be used as a primary background for both print and digital applications. 

In keeping with the concepts of ‘A World of Flavours’ and ‘Urban Botanica’, the key visuals comprise drawings of floral and fruit plants that tell the stories of the ingredients, with patterns including ones of a Tarragon sprig, Magnolia flower, Thyme sprig, Mint sprig and a Lemon branch. 


All the World’s a Plate

TH@51’s curiosity and casual sophistication are expressed through voice traits that are at once knowledgeable and playful, infusing a touch of effortless improvisation into its storytelling. 

The resulting TH@51 voice is artful with a personable manner, conveying confidence and curiosity. It strikes an informative, entertaining tone delivered with a relaxed, playful wink.


TH@51: An Illustrious Flair

Last but not least is adding the final flourish to the experience. On top of creating the brand culture and TH@51’s visual identity, QUO also designed the restaurant’s marketing collateral—coaster and menu design, cocktail illustrations and more—to fully bring the brand to life. 

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