Arbour Hotel & Residence

An Inviting Urban Sanctuary in Pattaya City

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August 5, 2022
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Atmind Group, a local Thai hotel management company, conceived Arbour Hotel & Residence as a prototype for its transition into the upper-midscale and upscale market. In parallel with its marketing efforts during the soft opening phase in 2021, QUO was appointed to create a distinct positioning and concept for this new property. 

Located at the edge of Pattaya City, Arbour Hotel & Residence is among the tallest buildings in this vibrant coastal destination, offering spectacular views from its contemporary rooms and suites—all fully equipped with luxury amenities and long-stay residential facilities.

arbour pool


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Crafting a Concept for Arbour

Leveraging its distinctive assets and creative personality, QUO crafted a compelling concept that resonates across the city and sets it apart from competing offerings. To achieve this, we first needed to create a shift in perception from classic and global hospitality to focus on a more authentically local experience with a distinctive character and offering.

By leveraging its passion for creative food and drink, its sleek biophilic design and its commitment to the local community, Arbour launched as a welcoming retreat where comfort and creativity come to play.


Nature Reimagined

Arbour’s visual identity is a tribute to the multi-faceted nature of our surrounding environment—of the diversity of colours, forms and functions that each awaken a unique emotion in those who experience them.

It captures the mesmerising sight of petals in bloom, rippling water and cooling breezes and brings this to life through the use of a cool-tone colour palette. A curated selection of blues, greys and greens represents nature’s intrinsically calming and refreshing effect, ultimately conjuring a feeling of being in harmony with the natural world.

In addition to the graphic elements, our creative team crafted a sleek and modern social media template to consolidate and strengthen Arbour’s online presence. 


A Natural Voice

After visiting the property in Pattaya and being charmed by the concept and attention to detail, the editorial team was inspired by the biophilic aspects of the design and used greenery, lushness and nature as anchors and inspiration when crafting the tone of voice.

The result is a voice that is natural and grounded—one that engages and invites readers in with a relaxed and sociable way of communicating. 


All Roads Lead to Arbour

As part of the online marketing campaign, our digital team developed a landing page as an additional component to help draw traffic to both the F&B outlets and booking hotel stays.     

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