Jaz Amsterdam Named Top Hotel In Netherlands

Jaz Amsterdam hits the highest note with well-deserved recognition from the Dutch Hotel Award 2019.

A big congratulations to Jaz Amsterdam for winning the Dutch Hotel Award 2019, which they were formally presented with yesterday. This is a well-earned honour, and we hope they’re celebrating with that fresh and funky style the brand is famous for. (We’re sure they are!)

Jaz’s upbeat energy is so contagious, even the selection committee got into the groove. Their jury report sings for itself! Scroll down to see what they had to say.

“Jaz in the City Amsterdam is jammin’ n jivin’ from A to Z! The management team exudes pride and a lot of fun. They are also committed and loyal to both the hotel and to each other. The General Manager, a.k.a. the Band Leader, Marjolein Bruschke, takes a step back to let her team shine, which is awesome! The presentation the team gave was original and definitely musical. There was live music in the elevator, and even a guitarist in a tuk-tuk! You can really see the future in this hotel in both the people and the concept. There was lots of tech. Even though they are part of a traditional hotel chain they know how to bend the rules to fit in the trendy brand.”

At QUO, we’re proud to have played a part in bringing Deutsche Hospitality’s hip new brand to centre stage, and we’re delighted to see them in the spotlight. Their one-of-a-kind tune befits the highest hospitality honour in the Netherlands—an award recognising a hotel that stands out from the crowd.

Need some Jaz in your life? Check them out here.

QUO Partners with Steigenberger in Brand Relaunch

QUO has partnered with Deutsche Hospitality to evolve its flagship hotel brand, Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts.

The agency designed a new corporate identity to modernise the classic German luxury hotel brand and demonstrate a more compelling brand positioning as it moves into new segments and territories, with plans to invest €120 million in 2019 in its existing portfolio.

ITB Berlin attendees ­­were this week treated to the unveiling of a reimagined logo that maintains elements of the classic brand image invigorated with new typefaces and soft, complementary pastels. These will combine with newly designed photography guidelines for advertising and collateral. A set of new guest experiences has also been created.

“Our challenge was to find the perfect mix of tradition and modernity – to hold onto our heritage while meeting the needs of contemporary travellers and guests,” said Deutsche Hospitality CEO Thomas Willms. “We feel that we’ve achieved our goal with this new brand identity, encapsulating the quality and service we are famous for in an innovative, future-facing brand.”

QUO CEO David Keen said it is rare to find a classic hotel brand that is so willing reinvent itself.

“I’m delighted to see a deeply traditional German hotel company like Steigenberger embracing guest experience and making that a core part of its brand,” he said.

QUO’s Creative Director Pierre Vermeir said the new logo is evolutionary.

“While I wanted to position Steigenberger as fully modern, I also knew it was important not to alienate the brand heritage,” he said. “The main typeface was carefully considered to strike a balance between classical and modern. In the location descriptors below, the sans serif typeface creates a sense of modernity. The combination of dark brown and grey in the logo is timeless.”

The unveiling took place at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism trade fair. Steigenberger launched in 1930 in Germany and is now found in 10 countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The brand continues expanding into new markets, with a recently opened hotel in Dubai and several others slated to open by 2021 in Denmark, Egypt, Qatar and Thailand.

For comment on QUO’s role in the evolution of Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts’ brand, contact David Keen at david.keen@quo-global.com.

Tiger Palace Resort Shakes Up South Asian Entertainment

One of Asia’s up-and-coming gaming operators, Silver Heritage Group, is revolutionising the entertainment landscape in South Asia with the launch of Tiger Palace, its first integrated resort brand.

QUO created the resort’s distinct identity with a strong focus on the ‘Dare to Go Wild’ brand essence.

The resort’s brand was created with the clear vision of transforming the Indian – and broader South Asian – casino entertainment industry. Located in Bhairahawa, Nepal only 8kms from the border with India, Tiger Palace Resort is easily accessible from the target markets of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Around 430 million people live within a six-hour drive of the resort and Tiger Palace Resort provides an exhilarating entertainment destination, unlike anything these consumers have seen before.

A place to let loose, escape the everyday and live for the moment, it perfectly combines international flair with a local sensibility to create a truly dynamic, engaging experience. It is the first integrated resort brand that speaks to the needs of today’s Indian consumer. An accessible yet aspirational fully integrated entertainment destination, the target audience includes bachelors, groups of friends and young corporates who enjoy the good things in life and like to have fun.

The first task when Silver Heritage gave QUO the branding job was to analyse the resort’s competitors and guest typologies. After that came brand strategy execution that included logo design and production of Visual Identity Guidelines and a Tone of Voice document to give the brand a distinctive look and personality. With these guidelines in place, QUO proposed ideas to incorporate the brand ethos at different touchpoints along the guest journey.

One of the most important touchpoints is the website, which QUO designed to highlight the brand’s identity. The engaging, easy-to-navigate website focuses not only on the resort and casino but also the destination of Bhairahawa, Nepal which is near two UNESCO World Heritage sites; the birthplace of the Buddha in Lumbini and Chitwan National Park.

Since the initial branding and strategy work, QUO’s New Delhi office has been the Tiger Palace Resort brand custodian. This has meant naming the resort’s bars and restaurants, overseeing design and production for sales and marketing collaterals, creating over 150 front-of-house and back-of-house collaterals as well as a strategic 360-degree marketing and communications rollout plan. Currently, QUO’s India office is busy with the brand launch advertising and PR campaign.

Visit the Tiger Palace Resort’s website at http://tigerpalace.com/

Cool New Wink Hotels Launches in Vietnam

The QUO-branded Wink Hotels recently launched with a dazzling event in Saigon that attracted more than 300 industry guests, as well as local bloggers, models and influencers.

An innovative, contemporary and avant-garde brand, Wink Hotels is set to transform the Vietnamese hotel industry.

QUO CEO David Keen sees the Wink brand as a tipping point for hospitality in the Indochina region, one that represents the democratising changes currently shifting the balance of power in the industry. “It reflects a change in society in Vietnam and in Indochina – change that is happening as fast as a wink. The brand is fun, it’s entrepreneurial, it’s dynamic, it’s irreverent; it’s a brand that will be a catalyst for change for all of hospitality in Vietnam.”

Created for the dynamic new generation emerging throughout the region, Wink Hotels promises an eclectic cocktail of modernity, innovation and efficiency, all underpinned by traditional Vietnamese values.

“We call this new generation ‘Indochine 2.0’,” said Peter R. Ryder, co-founder of Indochina Vanguard Hotels and Chief Executive Officer of Indochina Capital Corporation. “Wink speaks to its core by representing the power and tenacity of the Vietnamese identity, by catering to their fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyles and immersing them in the cultural depths of the destination.”

Wink Hotels caters to the needs of Indochine 2.0 travellers by tapping into contemporary desires and expectations. Each hotel will feature multifunctional, multifaceted open-plan lobbies that offer entertainment, food and drink, a library and retail space; flexible minimalist-style guestrooms; state-of-the-art intuitive in-room technology; and well-equipped co-working spaces. An automated check-in system will allow travellers to save time on arrival, while a downloadable itinerary will give them an insider’s guide to the city that highlights the locale’s most exciting and unique spots.

“With Wink Hotels, we want to be more than just the stylish ‘new kid on the block’,” said Bruce Musick, co-founder of Indochina Vanguard Hotels and Group Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Hotels. “We want to change and disrupt the local hotel industry by challenging passé, outdated notions of hospitality, and developing a truly innovative and exciting brand that resonates with young and young-at-heart local and regional travellers.”

Wink Hotels will also provide guests with a literal taste of the locale. The brand’s exciting new food concept sees vendor-style carts delivering the best local street food to the shophouse-inspired multi-use space on the ground floor.

“Vietnam deserves the best, and we want to bring the finest elements of the hospitality industry to this dynamic country,” says Michael Piro, co-founder of Indochina Vanguard Hotels and Chief Operating Officer of Indochina Land. “We will provide a consistent brand experience not only in primary markets such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang but also, over time, in many of Vietnam’s emerging secondary cities.”

The first Wink Hotel is planned for Ho Chi Minh City in Q3 2019.

To discover more information on Wink Hotels, visit the QUO developed website at  www.wink-hotels.com