The Democratisation of Luxury

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Can you put a price on luxury? Is luxury relative? And is the notion of what constitutes luxury currently being transformed?

These questions formed part of a thought-provoking panel discussion at the Hotel Investment Conference South Asia (HICSA) 2018, which took place at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai on 4–5 April.

QUO CEO David Keen moderated the discussion on the ‘Democratisation of Luxury’ with panelists Dr Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director of Bird Group; Rajiv Kaul, President of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts; Shafi Syed, Senior Vice President of Development at Caesars Entertainment; and Sonica Malhotra, Joint Managing Director of MBD Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts.

The panellists had different ideas about what luxury is and whether luxury has a dollar value, specifically in the context of a rapidly growing Indian hospitality market, but also internationally.

See what they had to say by watching the full panel discussion from HICSA below:


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