Tiger Palace Resort Shakes Up South Asian Entertainment

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27 December 2019

One of Asia’s up-and-coming gaming operators, Silver Heritage Group, is revolutionising the entertainment landscape in South Asia with the launch of Tiger Palace, its first integrated resort brand.

QUO created the resort’s distinct identity with a strong focus on the ‘Dare to Go Wild’ brand essence.

The resort’s brand was created with the clear vision of transforming the Indian – and broader South Asian – casino entertainment industry. Located in Bhairahawa, Nepal only 8kms from the border with India, Tiger Palace Resort is easily accessible from the target markets of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Around 430 million people live within a six-hour drive of the resort and Tiger Palace Resort provides an exhilarating entertainment destination, unlike anything these consumers have seen before.

A place to let loose, escape the everyday and live for the moment, it perfectly combines international flair with a local sensibility to create a truly dynamic, engaging experience. It is the first integrated resort brand that speaks to the needs of today’s Indian consumer. An accessible yet aspirational fully integrated entertainment destination, the target audience includes bachelors, groups of friends and young corporates who enjoy the good things in life and like to have fun.

The first task when Silver Heritage gave QUO the branding job was to analyse the resort’s competitors and guest typologies. After that came brand strategy execution that included logo design and production of Visual Identity Guidelines and a Tone of Voice document to give the brand a distinctive look and personality. With these guidelines in place, QUO proposed ideas to incorporate the brand ethos at different touchpoints along the guest journey.

One of the most important touchpoints is the website, which QUO designed to highlight the brand’s identity. The engaging, easy-to-navigate website focuses not only on the resort and casino but also the destination of Bhairahawa, Nepal which is near two UNESCO World Heritage sites; the birthplace of the Buddha in Lumbini and Chitwan National Park.

Since the initial branding and strategy work, QUO’s New Delhi office has been the Tiger Palace Resort brand custodian. This has meant naming the resort’s bars and restaurants, overseeing design and production for sales and marketing collaterals, creating over 150 front-of-house and back-of-house collaterals as well as a strategic 360-degree marketing and communications rollout plan. Currently, QUO’s India office is busy with the brand launch advertising and PR campaign.

Visit the Tiger Palace Resort’s website at

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