QUO Advocacy: The State of the World’s Children

Last Updated
10 April 2020

It has been 20 years since UNICEF’s flagship annual publication focused on nutrition

With limited time and a need for maximum flexibility, QUO worked with UNICEF Communications, New York, to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the launch of their State of the World’s Children 2019 in London, yesterday. UNICEF provided us with an abundance of compelling images, and the result is a stark reminder of our need to care for the least fortunate—and most innocent—among us.

This year’s report, Children, food and nutrition: Growing well in a changing world, is a strong reminder that this issue is still one of critical importance. “One in three children is not growing well – either stunted/wasted or overweight. At least one in two children suffer from ‘hidden hunger’ or micronutrient deficiencies. They may look well nourished but in fact are not getting sufficient nutrients and vitamins to grow and develop to their full potential.”

Given the scale of impact on children by this triple threat of stunting/wasting, overweight and hidden hunger, the report calls for ACTION; a fact highlighted in the presentation by reserving one of only 20 slides for this word to stand alone.

As the UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore spoke accompanied by the presentation, ending on a positive note and citing a number of successful UNICEF programmes in countries throughout the world that are already working to overcome nutritional challenges.


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