Jaz Amsterdam Named Top Hotel In Netherlands

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Jaz Amsterdam hits the highest note with well-deserved recognition from the Dutch Hotel Award 2019.

A big congratulations to Jaz Amsterdam for winning the Dutch Hotel Award 2019, which they were formally presented with yesterday. This is a well-earned honour, and we hope they’re celebrating with that fresh and funky style the brand is famous for. (We’re sure they are!)

Jaz’s upbeat energy is so contagious, even the selection committee got into the groove. Their jury report sings for itself! Scroll down to see what they had to say.

“Jaz in the City Amsterdam is jammin’ n jivin’ from A to Z! The management team exudes pride and a lot of fun. They are also committed and loyal to both the hotel and to each other. The General Manager, a.k.a. the Band Leader, Marjolein Bruschke, takes a step back to let her team shine, which is awesome! The presentation the team gave was original and definitely musical. There was live music in the elevator, and even a guitarist in a tuk-tuk! You can really see the future in this hotel in both the people and the concept. There was lots of tech. Even though they are part of a traditional hotel chain they know how to bend the rules to fit in the trendy brand.”

At QUO, we’re proud to have played a part in bringing Deutsche Hospitality’s hip new brand to centre stage, and we’re delighted to see them in the spotlight. Their one-of-a-kind tune befits the highest hospitality honour in the Netherlands—an award recognising a hotel that stands out from the crowd.

Need some Jaz in your life? Check them out here.


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