9 June 2017

Boldly exploring a new frontier in river cruising, Mekong Kingdoms is set to launch a stylish fleet of five custom-designed boats on the unchartered waters of the Upper Mekong between Northern Thailand and Laos.
Their desire was to shift the perception of cruising as a holiday for “the newly wed and the nearly dead” to an aspirational experience filled with unique share-worthy moments.

QUO worked closely with Mekong Kingdoms’ co-founder Jean-Marc Huss, a French artist and entrepreneur, and his team to create a maverick brand that truly stands out from the crowd.

“These are sophisticated cruises with spirit and soul that dream big and take the waterways less travelled,” said Huss.

Conceived for “modern-day pirates, smooth operators and thrill-seeking partygoers – the criminally cool and the young at heart”, the brand was imagined as a ‘free spirit’ immersed in the natural mystique of the Upper Mekong.

Driven by the brand culture, QUO created a new logo that honoured the fleet’s route between two ancient kingdoms, Lanna and Lan Xang, Mekong Kingdom’s love of artistry and its devotion to local culture and heritage.

To further capture the unique identity of Mekong Kingdoms and set it apart from traditional cruise experiences, QUO crafted a signature Tone of Voice, detailing the language and linguistic techniques that enable the brand to express its careful balance of refinement and revelry.

QUO continues to work closely with Mekong Kingdoms on website development and marketing collateral. As the Mekong Kingdoms brand grows, we are delighted to offer creative support and guidance to one of our most intrepid and outgoing clients.

“Creativity is intelligence mixed with fun – something that becomes evident during meetings with QUO’s brilliant, sassy team, who are worth their weight in colours and tones. A bubbly approach to branding with ideas coated in charm,“ said Huss.