India Says Bonjour to Délifrance

6 April 2016

Délifrance has touched down in India, bringing with it the world’s best croissants and baguettes.

With over 30 years of French know-how in bakery solutions, Délifrance now operates in over 50 countries across five continents, and thanks to the help of QUO, the famous French deli chain has now arrived in India.

Délifrance hired QUO to develop a strategic marketing and PR plan to introduce the brand to the Indian people and support its debut in India. The strategy focused on various nuances of French culture in the form of romance, food, fashion and art. It leveraged Délifrance’s chic French heritage and aimed to be sophisticated, elegant and romantic. The ultimate objective was to position Délifrance as the trendiest new deli in town.

A pre-launch campaign was run to build initial anticipation and excitement among the target audience. Then, on the day of the launch, QUO organised a special flash mob at the inaugural Délifrance location in India at CyberHub in Gurgaon near Delhi. A group of dancers in traditional French attire caught the crowd of shoppers by surprise with a dance routine that ended right in front of the outlet.

The successful launch provides a strong foundation for Délifrance to continue its future growth across the country.