Purpose, value and human interaction are at the core of all of our thinking.

QUO has been creating and inspiring some of the hospitality industry’s most memorable brands for more than two decades. We understand that a great brand isn’t just a logo, a catchy name or a neatly arranged collection of words. It’s something that starts from within. Our branding model blends insightful industry knowledge, strategic thinking and creative flair, delivering fully developed brands that don’t just look and sound great, but have real, relatable soul.

We specialise in the art of making people feel welcome


“Hospitality is a dynamic and evolving industry. We ensure your brand stays ahead of the curve with a strategically positioned, compelling proposition that speaks to guest needs and builds distinction. At its core, your brand needs a purpose, a clear vision and a story that resonates from the inside out.”

Catherine Edwards
Chief Branding Officer

Catherine Edwards
Chief Branding Officer


We deliver value through transformational strategy and design

QUO has honed a proprietary methodology that drives value and uncovers the soul and purpose of every organisation we work with. From brand architecture to concept creation, naming to visual identity and tone of voice to corporate identity, we create dynamic, cohesive brand identities that define who you are and build value for your business.

Brand creation is a complex process that is part art and part science. This is our specialty. We combine our deep understanding of the business, target audience and competitive landscape and apply a systematic process to create a strong, differentiated brand that reflects the business and resonates with customers.

Rationalising multiple brands involves streamlining and simplifying a company’s portfolio of brands to create a more cohesive and effective branding strategy. QUO specialises in untangling brands and creating order out of chaos. Our process reduces brand confusion, improves brand recognition and strengthens overall brand equity.

Businesses evolve—and so must brands. A carefully executed brand refresh can help organisations stay competitive and relevant in a constantly evolving marketplace. By updating the brand’s visual identity and messaging, organisations can better connect with their target audience, differentiate themselves from competitors and position themselves for future growth.




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