1 November 2017

Maldives resort Finolhu gets QUO rebranding

Located in the natural wonderland of UNESCO-protected Baa Atoll, Finolhu gained attention when it opened in 2016 with a bold retro twist on the traditional Maldives resort model. Finolhu’s dynamic proposition enriched the local market and attracted new travellers to the Maldives, however, the management wanted QUO’s help to refine its brand to more precisely target potential guests and drive direct bookings through a redesigned website.

Finolhu’s fun, retro, beach-club theme is complemented by multi-day events featuring international DJs and performers. The branding challenge for QUO was to keep the retro vibe fresh and on-trend, without going overboard into theme park territory. There was also a balancing act to be made between partying and chilling. There had to be a dynamic approach to the brand that emphasised the brand's fun, lively identity without alienating guests who want to relax and enjoy the resort’s stunning natural environment.

In approaching the rebrand, QUO first performed an analysis of Finolhu’s competitors and guest typologies, before executing a brand strategy that included visual identification guidelines and a tone of voice. With these in place, QUO proposed ideas to amplify the brand at different touchpoints along the guest journey. One of the biggest components of the rebrand was Finolhu's online presence. QUO completely redesigned and rebuilt Finolhu's new website, boosting the visual impact, supplying fresh copy, and putting the resort's quirky, fun-loving brand essence - and booking button -  front and centre.


Finolhu website redesign


The proudly quirky, retro-chic Maldives island playground is reborn to play with a fresh burst of rebranded energy. Click the link to check out QUO's 'groovy' branding work on Finolhu's new website -