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The Flop Night!

Not your typical networking event—meet, mingle and connect in a way that matters.

At The Flop Night, we’re redefining networking. Say goodbye to dull and transactional events. Join us for an evening filled with genuine connections, celebration of flops (because we’ve all made and learnt from our mistakes before) and insightful conversations.

It’s time to break free from the traditional networking mould and embrace an event that truly brings people together.

Why Attend?

Break the Monotony of Networking Events

Embracing the spirit of this inaugural event, we’ll be focusing on our firsts!

From first colleagues to first flops, we’ll share and celebrate these pivotal moments throughout the night.

But that’s not all. We’re taking a new approach to connecting by inviting you to participate in ice-breaking games. Join us at a fun event that breaks away from traditional formalities, offering a refreshing way to connect and gain insights into the market.

Don’t miss out!

The Flop Night?

Why The Flop Night?

Supporting the Future of the Hospitality Industry

Hosted by QUO—more than a branding agency.

With years of experience in the industry, we believe in investing in the youth of Vietnam. We want them to feel supported and seen, and The Flop Night is our way of supporting and nurturing young professionals in Vietnam.




Long day at work? Alongside a bunch of friendly faces, a tall drink waits for you at the Cafe des Stagiaires starting from 5PM onwards.



All settled in? Let’s start to get to know each other with a non-traditional ‘get to know your peers’ paired with laughter, drinks and inspiring stories.



A series of Floppin’ great ice breakers for all participants to get right into the spirit. From small card games on the table to sharing your deepest secrets about the industry—let’s forget about transactional exchanges.



Make sure you leave with at least one new connection and a bunch of stories to learn from. The Flop Night is a comfortable community for all to join.

The Flop Night—TL;DR

Date: 15 June 2023
Time: 5:00pm onwards
Venue: Cafe de Stagiaires, Ho Chi Minh City

Who Is Floppin'?

Share your struggles, seek support and foster meaningful connections.

Whether you’re a passionate F&B owner, hotel manager, hospitality supplier or provider, The Flop Night is a safe space for industry professionals in Vietnam.

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