We’re in this together

Last Updated
24 August 2020

Kicking-off season 2 of The Future of Travel, Abhijay Sandilya, IHG Vice President, Development – Australasia, South Pacific & Japan, joins David for a candid conversation about the impact of the virus on our mental wellbeing. A former frequent traveller, Abhijay says he misses the buzz and adrenaline of always being on the go, as well as the chemistry you build from sitting in a meeting room, nurturing relationships face-to-face.

Such dramatic changes take a toll, impacting both our professional and personal lives. Abhijay stresses the need for travel leaders to recognise this impact and ensure they take time for themselves—at IHG they’re encouraged to take a day off per month to rest and recharge.

Abhijay says the idea that we’re all in this together keeps him going during this tough time. Travel broadens horizons, and as soon as we’re able to get back out there, there’s a bright future for the industry ahead.

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