The ‘Remote Revolution’ Is Underway

Last Updated
14 December 2020

In this episode, Catherine is joined by David Abraham, co-founder of Outpost—a network of co-living, co-working and social spaces for location-independent professionals. A long-time remote-worker himself, David shares how an afternoon at a Tokyo Starbucks sparked the idea for Outpost. He discusses the key drivers of what he calls the ‘remote revolution’, the trend of offices becoming less about physical spaces and more about networks.

In David’s view, the COVID-19 pandemic validates the grand experiment: remote work is viable. From that, we can estimate the standard workweek will evolve, as will business travel. Rather than business leading leisure, he expects to see more leisure travellers taking their business with them. And for hospitality players targeting remote workers, their offerings must resonate with the brand. Providing a desk alone just isn’t enough anymore.

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