In the short-term, travel will be shaped by the bold

Last Updated
28 May 2020

Is your bucket list suddenly looking a bit more urgent? Joe Cummings’ is. In the latest episode of The Future of Travel, the prolific travel writer talks to David and Catherine about how keen he is to start travelling again, with a focus on seeing all the places he’s not been to—because you just don’t know when the next crisis will come.

In the short-term, Joe believes it will be the most daring and inquisitive among us who will start testing the boundaries of the infrastructure and the air routes to see where we can go—which places are accessible and safe to visit. However, he’s a little less optimistic about longer-term change. Having seen how quickly Thailand’s post-tsunami sustainability goals were reversed, he expects to see the same again, with positive initiatives quickly rewinding within two to three years.